CalVTP Implementation Database

Standard Project Requirement (SPR) AD-7 from the Program EIR requires project proponents to provide information on their planned, approved, and completed projects. The links below provide a map of the treatable landscape, instruction on how to comply with SPR AD-7, and information submitted for CalVTP projects.


CalVTP Treatable Landscape Viewer

Online Viewer for Planned Projects Under the CalVTP

Online Viewer for Approved and Completed Projects Under the CalVTP

Approved Projects Environmental Documentation


Submitting information and compliance with SPR AD-7

Planned: For projects planning to prepare a PSA, please complete the SPR AD-7 Form and submit it to at least 15 days prior to filing the Notice of Determination for the project. 

Approved: Once your PSA has been approved, please use the CalVTP Project Data Entry Guide and the CalVTP Project Template to send your project boundary to This template requires you to input the project boundary into the geodatabase and fill in the required attributes.

Completed: As treatments are completed, please use the CalVTP Data Entry Guide and CalVTP Project Template to send your treatment boundaries to This template will also require a treatment area boundary and associated attributes.


Please visit the CalVTP Homepage  for more information.


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