RPC Current Projects

Utility Vegetation Clearing Standards. Objective: Track CAL FIRE monitoring of performance of major woody stem exemption; review CPUC rules on new utility vegetation clearing standards; and amend 14 CCR 1257 (a) (3) which expires on December 31, 2011.

Regulatory consistency with new PRC 4291 laws. Objective: Revise 14 CCR 1299. Revise Technical Rule Addendum No. 4, diagram of required defensible space around structures in 14 CCR 1038.

Sudden Oak Death Regulations. Objective: Proposed and adopt permanent Sudden Oak Death Emergency Notice regulations.

Update of Title 14 CCR 1270 SRA Fire Safe Regulations, Objective: Revise SRA Fire Safe regulations as needed for consistency with Title 24 California Fire Codes other contemporary standards, and clarify administrative and enforcement subsections.

Vegetation Treatment Programmatic EIR. Objective: Complete administrative draft in 2011.

Golden spotted Oak Borer. Objective: Consider GSOB Zone of Infestation regulations or other actions to address issues.

California Fire Plan 2010. Objective: Update on measures of success and Fire Plan 2010 accomplishments.

Safety Element Review (all counties, cities with VHFHSZ). Objective: Review and provide recommendations for all revised general plan fire safety elements pursuant to GC 65302.5.