Zones of Infestation Maps

Per Public Resources Code Section 4716, a zone of infestation may be declared whenever CAL FIRE determines, with the approval of the Board, that there exists an area that is infested or infected with insect pests or plant diseases injurious to timber or forest growth and that the infestation or infection is of such a character as to be a menace to the timber or timberlands of adjacent owners. If CAL FIRE declares the existence of such a zone of infestation or infection, CAL FIRE or its agents may go upon state and private lands within the zone of infestation or infection and shall cause the infestation or infection to be eradicated or controlled in a manner that is approved by the Board.


Bark Beetle Zones of Infestation Map (PDF)

Goldspotted Oak Borer Zone of Infestation Map (PDF)

Invasive Shot Hole Borers Zone of Infestation Map (PDF)

Pitch Canker Zone of Infestation Map (PDF)

Sudden Oak Death Zone of Infestation Map (PDF)