Environmental Documentation for Approved Projects

This webpage presents the environmental documentation associated with individual Approved CalVTP projects. Each project has been assigned a unique identifier including a year and a number based on the order in which proposed projects are initially submitted. Documentation for each project must include the project-specific analysis (PSA) and a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program Checklist (MMRP Checklist) (i.e., the California Environmental Quality Act [CEQA] documentation).

If you have any difficulty locating a document, please contact Board of Forestry and Fire Protection staff at (916) 653-8007 or email CalVTP@bof.ca.gov.


Project-Specific Analyses & Supporting Documents for Approved CalVTP Projects

 Project Title (CalVTP Project ID)

Environmental Documentation

45.  Green Valley Fuels Reduction (CalVTP Project ID 2023-11)
44.  Crooks Mountain Ranch (CalVTP Project ID 2023-08)
43.   CalVTP Northern California Veterans Cemetery (CalVTP Project ID 2023-01)
42.  Shiloh Ranch and Foothill Regional Parks CalVTP (CalVTP Project ID 2022-28)
41.  Alder Creek Sequoia Resilience and Post-Fire Restoration Project (CalVTP Project ID 2022-27)
40.  Butano State Park Forest Health Project (CalVTP Project ID 2022-23)
39.   Upper Los Angeles River Watershed Arundo Donax Eradication Program (CalVTP Project ID 2022-20)
38.  North Ojai Incendiary Fuel and Ember Cast Reduction Project (CalVTP Project ID 2022-14)
37.  SJW Forest Health Program – P1 (CalVTP Project ID 2022-13)
36.  Montecito Vegetation Management Program (CalVTP Project ID 2022-12)
35.  Service Gulch CAL VTP (CalVTP Project ID 2022-11)
34.  West Mt Shasta Forest Resiliency Project (CalVTP Project ID 2022-10)
33.   Aldridge VTP (CalVTP Project ID 2022-07)
32.  Greater Ross Valley Shaded Fuel Break (CalVTP Project ID 2022-05)
31.   Hypericum Eradication at the Mushroom Farm (CalVTP ID 2022-04)
30.  Tecuya Ridge Shaded Fuelbreak Project (CalVTP Project ID 2022-03)
29.  Kern County Fuel Reduction Project (CalVTP Project ID 2022-02)

 Yuba Roadside Fuel Treatment Project (CalVTP Project ID 2022-01)


 Bullion Ridge VTP (CalVTP Project ID 2021-20)


 Ellis VTP (CalVTP Project ID 2021-19)

25.  Skylark Ranch Forest Health Project (CalVTP Project ID 2021-18)
24.  Last Chance Road Forest Health Project (CalVTP Project ID 2021-17)
23.  Elsinore Front Country Fuel Project (CalVTP Project ID 2021-16)
22.  Sonoma Land Trust Preserves Vegetation Treatment Project (CalVTP Project ID 2021-15)
21.  Healdsburg Open Space and Surrounding Community Fuels Reduction Project (CalVTP Project ID 2021-14)
20.  Covell Ranch Forest Health Fuels Reduction Project (CalVTP Project ID 2021-13)
19.  Girl Scouts of Northern California – Camp Butano Forest Health Project (CalVTP Project ID 2021-12)
18.  Geyser Peak to Pocket Peak Fuel Break (CalVTP Project ID 2021-11)
17.  Santa Rosalia VTP (CalVTP Project ID 2021-10)
16.  Lompoc Valley Fuel Reduction Project Purisima Ridge Fuel Break (CalVTP Project ID 2021-09)
15.  CalVTP - San Mateo County Parks, Huddart and Wunderlich (CalVTP Project ID 2021-08)
14.  SPI Fuel Break CalVTP (CalVTP Project ID 2021-04)
13.  Big Creek VTP (CalVTP Project ID 2021-03)
12.  Redway Shaded Fuel Break Project (CalVTP Project ID 2021-02)
11.  CalVTP Brushy Mountain 2 (CalVTP Project ID 2021-01)
10.  Sequoia Lake 2020 (CalVTP Project ID 2020-18)
9.  Estrada Ranch VTP (CalVTP Project ID 2020-16)
8.  Bear Creek Redwoods Vegetation Treatment Project (CalVTP Project ID 2020-14)
7.  Grouse Ridge Vegetation Treatment Project (CalVTP Project ID 2020-13)
6.  Rehabilitating Native Coastal Prairie within Martin Griffin Preserve (CalVTP Project ID 2020-12)
5.  Bonny Doon VTP (CalVTP Project ID 2020-10)
4.  Yuba Foothills Healthy Forest Projects (CalVTP Project ID 2020-09)
3.  Shaver Ranch (CalVTP Project ID 2020-08)
2.  Vista Del Rio (CalVTP Project ID 2020-02)
1.  RPM Pilot Project (CalVTP Project ID 2020-01)


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